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Welcome to the world of Rich Carr, a visionary Learning Scientist and the CEO of Brain-centric. With a passion for redefining cognitive brain training in the 21st century, Rich Carr stands at the forefront of innovation for Communicators, Coaches, and Educators.

Unveiling Expertise and Experience

Rich Carr’s journey is a tapestry woven with diverse experiences and remarkable achievements. From earning an honors degree in Mass Media and Mass Communications to proudly serving as an Army veteran, his background is nothing short of exceptional. Recognized by the Department of Defense Information and Electronic Journalism Schools, Carr’s commitment to excellence shines brightly.
At the heart of Rich Carr’s story lies an illustrious career in communication. From owning radio stations to leading Telemundo television, and even holding the position of Director of Digital Media under Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, Carr’s impact is felt across various platforms. His ability to seamlessly blend radio, online, and face-to-face communications has resulted in unparalleled market engagement.

Bridging Brain and

Beyond his achievements in communication, Rich Carr is a prolific writer. He co-authored “Brain-centric Design: The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding,” a testament to his dedication to unraveling the mysteries of learning. His latest masterpiece, “SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement,” delves into the captivating interplay between unexpected discoveries and their profound influence on engagement, learning, and communication.
Rich Carr’s contributions resonate across print, digital media, and international conferences. Join us to explore his transformative Brain-centric approach to learning and communication

Rich Carr’s brilliance extends to crafting training modules, certifications, consultations, and curriculums that captivate learners. His groundbreaking approach harmonizes communication with the intricacies of brain processing, consistently delivering astonishing results. As Carr emphasizes, “Understanding how the brain processes new information empowers people to learn faster, retain more, and apply knowledge more effectively. We tailor content to resonate with the brain’s innate processing and learning pathways.”


Join us for an upcoming event that delves into the transformative Greenhouse framework. Discover how to cultivate your communications in alignment with the brain’s natural receptivity, understanding, and retention. Whether you guide, mentor, or simply converse, prepare to experience heightened engagement and memory retention. By embracing the synergy between the Greenhouse method and brain processing, you’ll not only accelerate learning and knowledge retention but also amplify your ability to apply that knowledge effectively. Reserve your spot today and be part of a learning experience that’s both enlightening and impactful.

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1. Introducing Brain-centric Design

Dive into the world of cognitive empowerment with Brain-centric Design, a groundbreaking book that delivers powerful science through framework and support, enabling you to grasp deep understanding precisely when and how you need it. Experience the transformative effects of collective intentionality – the remarkable synergy of minds jointly directed toward your golas –  yielding astonishing outcomes.

Brain-centric Design Delivers
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2. SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement

As a natural extension of the best-selling ‘Brain-centric Design: The Surprising Neuroscience Behind Learning with Deep Understanding,’ Rich Carr, the visionary behind BcID, presents a new dimension of cognitive control within the realm of communication. By unraveling the complexities of emotions, this book provides essential ‘directions’ to navigate and shape the communications environment.

Unlock the secrets to driving engagement, harnessing the power of science and art, and immerse yourself in a journey that promises to redefine how we connect and captivate.

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