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Imagine launching a book about surprises… on National Surprise Day. Sounds like a fun idea, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened with “SURPRISED: The Science & Art of Engagement,” and oh boy, did it take us on an unexpected journey straight to the Amazon Best Sellers list in not one but several categories including Communication, Business & Money, and Self Help! Just Between Us… What’s the Buzz About? “SURPRISED” isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill guide to
Picture this: a room (or a Zoom) where every participant is leaning in, eagerly absorbing each word, their brains lighting up with understanding and excitement. Imagine if every training session you led sparked not just interest, but a fervent desire to dive deeper, to know more, to engage fully and meaningfully with the material. This isn’t a mere fantasy. Welcome to the world of Brain-centric Design!Two Impactful Trainings on the HorizonAs the curtains fall on
As I reflect on my work, particularly around Brain-centric Design, one thought continually resonates with me: every step, regardless of its magnitude, signifies progress. It’s an ethos that not only holds true for personal growth but also forms the cornerstone of effective and meaningful engagement. We’ve all found ourselves in those all-too-familiar settings. An auditorium, a packed room, and the inevitable drift of our thoughts to dinner plans or the weekend ahead. It’s natural. But

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